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Thursday, June 26, 2008
  Selamat Spotted at Mustafa Centre
There I was minding my own business at Mustafa Centre one night when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted him. Staring defiantly at me, daring me to catch him, he just sat there. So, bound by my intrinsic patriotism, I went forward boldly and picked him up with gusto. There! I had Selamat in the palm of my hands, literally.

With 2 distinct flavours and a namesake that is fast becoming a legend in this hmble republic, watch out for the Selamat Wafer to become the next big thing. At least, unlike the Hello Kitty national catastrophe, here, we can tell the security guards and Police who try to stop us from bashing each other's head open over the wafers that we are actually 'fighting for the country'.

On closer inspection, the wafers are being brought in from Indonesia no less. I do wonder if 'Mr Good Gold' will be endorsing this product and whether he will claim royalties if the product were to pick up in sales. Anyway, do get your (Mas) Selamat fix when you're at Mustafa Centre the next time. At 80 cents, it is a small price to pay to have Selamat in your hands - and eat him, so to speak...

*click on image for actual size*
A Good Marketing Angle?

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