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Thursday, February 22, 2007
  Report Central

There is something different about the recent development of the fight against abuse of authority. Unlike other times when Singaporeans simply gripe about the frustration of it all and then get back to their 'protected' lives, more than a handful of people have started to actively participate in this 'fight'.

To play my part, I am attempting to organise a coordinated effort by offering a place to forward 'reports' so that I can consolidate those that are similar or pertaining to a single incident before proceeding to lodge a formal complaint to the relevant authorities or to the ST Forum as a representative. As a writer, I will be able to better articulate the reports and present a strong case to the authorities. It will also be better to coordinate the effort rather than have isolated cases by individual parties.

Interested parties can send their 'reports' here or post them with this entry as comments. If the response is good, I will start a new blog specifically for this purpose. This is just my small contribution to the process and I do hope that this 'tsunami of awakening' rises higher and travels further.

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Friday, February 02, 2007
  The Shaila Nair Scandal

The 'Shaila Nair Scandal' has been making waves recently and surprisingly, it has caused more mixed feelings than outrage. Most of the responses on the net reverberate around pity and turns this 'scandal' into more of a fiasco. Even I felt sorry for her - and I hate her to my guts.

No doubt, it is going to take quite a while before this incident is put behind everyone, but the reaction is quite interesting to note. I guess everyone is embarrassed for her more than anything else because it' is something that can happen to any one of us and the scene looks more intimate than porn.

I have heard that she has gone into hiding; even that she has left her country - Malaysia. Another rumour was that she had committed suicide. Well, nobody seems to be looking for her and she is probably indeed hiding (who wouldn't). The fact that the press is not looking for her is another interesting sign that for all her hype and drama, she isn't that famous after all.

What I would really like to know is if 'the great' Vasantham Central will rely on her services again and how they will respond to public opinion if they do. I guess, only time will tell.

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