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Friday, February 29, 2008
  Ah Meng Dies & Mas Selamat Escapes - WTH?

How things would be so different if it were the other way around? Anyway, the 2 'pictorials' below were sent out via email and the one on Ah Meng (et al) didn't make it up onto the blog due to time constraints. Therefore, it is being included in this post together with the infamous Mas Selamat escape that occurred on Wednesday.

There is a rumour that our friend was killed in custody and this is all just a cover up. Well, if it is the case, then this is an awful waste of time for all the Policemen and Soldiers who have been sent on this 'treasure hunt of the year'. But, after a search so thorough, you can at least be rest assured that there are no wild animals in Singapore - any found would have been sent to the zoo by now.

I also wonder how many illegal immigrants and/or other fugitives who were living in the 'jungles' would have been caught as a fallout of this fine-comb search. A good case for some serious spring cleaning eh?

Honestly though, with the way Singapore is structured, 24 hours should be more than enough to locate 'The Limp' via the extensive spread of sources and informants. After 48 hours of futile search, it really begs the question if there is indeed any truth in the 'theory' - could Selamat be already dead?

29th February 2008

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