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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
  Earthquake in China = Fewer Bus Drivers for Singapore?
I woke up this morning to the depressing news that probably tens of thousands of 'mainlanders' were killed in an earthquake that hit Sichuan yesterday. What bothered me though was not the loss of life in an already-over-crowded world but the fact that all that potential Foreign Talent was going to waste. Imagine how many bus drivers, cleaners at NTUC , beer promoters et al have been lost to this catastrophe. The Horror and Tragedy of it all!

Not to mention, the number of existing FT in Singapore right now who will heartlessly leave their well-paying (compared to third-world wages, that is) cleaner/promoter/driver jobs to attend to their families back home. Who will keep the aisles of our affordable icon of grocery shopping - FairPrice, clean in the meanwhile? What a Dilemna!

Perhaps the experience of our aged uncles and aunties can now be put to even better use and they can double up their tissue-selling/cleaning table day-jobs with second jobs involving these 'abandoned' duties. Maybe, just maybe, we can also solve the national problem of the increase in the cost-of-living for the poor at the same time by giving them these extra jobs at extremely menial pay. Wow, a silver lining!

I understand that many readers might be perturbed by my apparent lack of empathy to the plight of the people struck by this natural disaster, and to them I say - I am being patriotic and simply thinking like how my government/political party (not sure if there is a difference) would...

Still Hope: Enough Potential Bus Drivers Alive And Well

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