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Monday, October 06, 2008
  Talk About Rubbish Journalism...
It has been a sad start to October with Mr J B Jeyaretnam passing away suddenly. Although most of the population are mourning the loss, it does seem that the elites of this 'promised land' are quietly smiling to themselves - not unlike the relief of having a painful thorn removed after several decades.

Whilst we have seen very poorly crafted condolence letters from senior officials of the government - and notably nothing from the MM, at least the President has been more forthcoming with his genuine sympathy.

Nevertheless, my beef is with the 'breaking news' that was posted on the online Straits Times portal on Tuesday morning (30/09/2008). I was simply appalled at the implicit and explicit descriptions given as well as the unnecessary negative information that seems to have been deliberately included. Reproduced below is the entire article as it appeared. Note the grammatical error in the last sentence and the extremely harsh tone of a report that is informing the death of someone well-known. And Mr JBJ's name is spelt wrongly to boot!

Of course, when I saw it I knew it would be replaced sooner or later and hence saved the snapshot quickly. Subsequently, by the evening, the report had taken a whole new look - albeit under the same heading and title picture of Mr JBJ. Let the following be a permanent record of the shameful report as it appeared on 30/09/2008 at 9:32am.

Click on each thumbnail to see the original image
or download and read the PDF version that was saved


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