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Monday, March 17, 2008
  Further Description Of Mas Selamat
After almost 3 weeks of the Mas Selamat image being burned onto our retinas, we have been alerted to a vital piece of information - he has a mole under his right eye. Yes, that tiny speck will certainly identify the fugitive clearly in the midst of a crowd; in the midst of the jungle; and definitely will be extremely obvious whilst he is on the move. Also, how enhanced our understanding has become from 'the mother of all instances in stating the obvious' - he has small lips. Really, you think?

In any case, for the benefit of all Singaporeans, let me release some of my own 'critical' information regarding the alleged JI leader - his left eye is lower than his right (take note he has only 2 eyes), there is one strand of hair growing too long on his right ear (take note he has only 2 ears located on either side of the head), and finally, he has one nose with 2 nostrils - I repeat TWO nostrils only.

Phew! I think with this added information, the person who is, most likely, putting up Mas Selamat under the mistaken notion that he's a vagrant will be able to identify him as THE fugitive easily. Furthermore, all these pointers that we would have failed to notice over the 3 weeks of over-exposure, would simply blow Mas Selamat's cover wide open.

Now, I wonder whether I qualify for a share of the reward for releasing this absolutely vital description...

How To Identify Mas 'The Limp that-isn't-necessarily-there' Selamat


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