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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
  Li Changjiang Quits? How Irresponsible!
I woke up this morning to discover that a top official in China had resigned (with the approval of the cabinet, some more) in relation to the Milk Scandal. (Side Note: A scandal might be a misnomer since they have practically made it a habit to do anything it takes to cut costs and increase profits immaterial of who dies.)

Apparently, more officials down the food chain have also been sacked. What kind of behaviour is this? I thought China wanted to learn from Singapore? One of the pillars of our governance is to NOT resign/quit/get sacked regardless of how big the calamity and in the face of the obvious. No matter what happens, according to our doctrine top officials are not supposed to resign and are instead required to close ranks and start covering each others' backs(ides).

Here, China's Premier Wen Jiabao should have immediately sprung forward to voice his unilateral confidence in Li Jangchiang and should have stated that he would reject any offer of resignation from him. Then Mr Li should have quickly followed up the wayang with his undertaking that he would see the problem through and not 'quit on the country'.

This is the way Singapore would have done it and FINE the manufacturers involved to kingdom come instead. The logic is of course that a hundred-and-one other entrepreneurs will come forward to fill the void but who can replace the god-like officials.

I am shocked and disturbed that China has not learnt this basic tenet of the incorruptible Singapore government. How can it even imagine to follow our hugely successful sheep-herding of the masses if it fails to adopt the fundamental steps to being invincible?

Someone pass Premier Wen a copy of the Mas Selamat case study please...

"Aiyah, small problem you resign? Wasted!"

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