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Saturday, April 26, 2008
  When Cost Goes Up, Wages Don't Need To?
When I read the headline "Raising Wages To Address Costs Not The Right Solution" on CNA, I thought to myself, how else are we going to solve the problem? Intrigued to find out, I read the report - of which the first 3 paragraphs are reproduced below. After reading the report, I was left perplexed as I did not notice a solution being offered. I read it again and eventually realised that the heading and the article were mismatched. The article was talking about some inconsequential law that, unsurprisingly, will benefit employers, corporations and the like.

As the circled portions highlight, as far as the title goes, the question is framed (again) in the first paragraph and the answer in the third paragraph is simply 'Suck It Up' - ie. "..have a realistic expectation of wages...". Amazing how the solution can be purported to be living with it rather than expect an increase in salary.

Funny how such 'wisdom' on having "realistic expectations of wages" does not apply when it comes to the million dollar salaries of the highest public officials in the land eh?


han nor!

If i'm earning say a paltry percentage of their wages... say... $500,000 per annum (so low right?!), I wouldn't worry about inflation too!
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