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Thursday, March 13, 2008
  What The Hell Is Wong Kan Seng Doing In Laos?
First PM Lee was nowhere to be found. Then MM was noted to be in the Middle East. Now, we have dear Wong KS in Laos happily signing a MOU with the Laotian DPM? Wow. In any other country, the top official of the ministry that created such a faux pa as the 'Mas Selamat Limp-Away' will be sweating in the midst of the public outcry. But no, not in this 'first world' corporation, I mean country.

Here, we simply let the whole Police Force and possibly half the army run around the jungles chasing Mas Selamat's shadow whilst the personification of responsibility - Mr Wong, Minister for Home Affairs, has a time-out to celebrate Tiger Beer's foray into the Laotian market of drunkards. I remember that there were some initial (and very naive) suggestions of the minister stepping down in light of the embarrassing incident - clearly the person or persons must have been mistaken that this was a democracy.

I am sure that the good minister would have kept his eye out for Mas Selamat whilst in Laos - although there is no way the limping fugitive would have left Singapore, just like there is no way a fugitive can survive in the wild for 2 weeks without any help; just like a fugitive cannot outwit such a massive manhunt for 2 weeks continuously; and just like ministers cannot be paid exorbitant sums as salaries and get away with it.

Well, it's just one of those things that can only happen in
Singapore... now let's Give That Man A Tiger!

"Tolong Lah Brudder!"

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