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Friday, March 07, 2008
  Excuse Me, Are You Mas Selamat?
Mas Selamat is fast dropping from our consciousness akin to the US Dollar in recent weeks - evidenced by reports of our 'true idol' in ST dropping to Page 13 on this 9th day since he allegedly escaped. Obviously, there is going to be a lot of nice quality paper to line our cabinet drawers with - the Mas Selamat 'look-out' posters I mean.

And if you haven't deleted THAT MMS from your phone yet, I applaud your intrinsic need to hang on to the propaganda like a hungry medicinal leech, but the irony is that as more days pass, the less likely Mas Selamat will actually l
ook like he does in those photo(s).

In any case, let me offer my bit in The Great Singapore Treasure Hunt 2008 (his name does translate into 'Good Gold' right). Following are examples in which you should ask the question 'Excuse Me, Are You Mas Selamat?' - no disrespect to Bonnie Hicks here, but the original 'Excuse Me, Are You A Model?' was definitely THE catch phrase of the 90's....

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