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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
  Why The 2006 Budget Is 'SOOOO GOOD'

Services with pay lagging significantly behind the private sector will get bigger adjustments, while those closer to the market will get smaller ones, he said. For example, pay in the Administrative Service has not been revised since 2000 and has fallen sharply behind private sector salaries in the past two years. Such civil servants are likely to get bigger rises to keep pace with the private sector.

Salaries of ministers, judges and statutory appointment-holders are pegged to the Administrative Service salary structure, so their pay is also expected to rise when the changes are announced.
ST Report 'Ministerial, civil service salaries expected to go up'
3rd March 2007, Saturday

Interesting to note that our 'poorly' remunerated ministers are going to be brought to par with private sector rates. This is yet another article that supports my theory of 'Creative Journalism'. Note how the 2 facts - a) Administrative Service getting the larger bulk of pay revision AND b) Minister salaries are pegged to this structure - were 'not so obviously' stated.

At least we can now understand why the MPs were all so 'over the moon' when the budget report was released. Parliament is starting to seriously look like a Soap Opera - overly dramatic, everybody knows about it and when its on, and, only die-hard fans will actually follow the story and believe it.

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